Friday, May 15, 2009

Great News!

Finally! After a hell of a week I finally heard some good news for a change. Well it's not the good news I've been waiting for (getting accepted into the nursing program at MacEwan) but nonetheless it is still a very very great news!

Our mortgage application has been finally approved by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association! Our new home will be finished this November 2009! People said that we won't be able to buy a house in Canada because it's only been less than a year since we first came here but we once again proved them wrong just like when they said that we won't be able to buy a new car on our 6th month of living here in Canada.

But maybe if the economy was good and the interest rates were very high then maybe we wouldn't be approved at all for both the car and house. But I guess we were lucky this time and arrived in Canada during a financial crisis.

I only hope that my parents will still have jobs by the end of this year because if they don't then goodbye car and home and I might even have to stay at my job if that happens. Oh God no! I guess I'd better be nice from now on to get positive karma.

Anyway the house is really great! The picture above is how the house would look like from outside. It's a two-storey home, it has a finished basement, a 2-car garage attached, 4 bedrooms, 3 and a half bathrooms, and it's located near a future strip mall and bus station. We would never be able to afford this if we lived in the Philippines just like our car. So this is the positive side of living in Canada, you can afford to buy stuff but if you would offer me a chance to live in the Philippines I won't think twice and take it!

When I retire I'd choose to live in the Philippines than here. But this plan would change of course if I get married. I'd sacrifice my own happiness for my children's sake.

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