Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging Instead of Packing

One of my greatest sins is being a procrastinator! I`m supposed to be packing right now but I had to put that aside since I want to tend to my not so healthy blogging life. By an unhealthy blogging life I mean that my blog isn`t really updated that much and if it is updated the content sucks. How I wish I could make posts that could both entertain and enlighten.

Anyway I have been facing a huge dilemma! I can`t decide whether I should move my blog to a new domain or start a new one and keep two blogs running. I already threw away the idea of keeping two blogs as I said in this post and I`m not going to move my blog either as I don`t want to lose my PR 4 which by the way I worked so hard to get.

So I`ve wasted around $30 ($100 plus if JustHost won`t give me my refund) in buying two domain names: and I wanted a new domain because I`ve seriously made a colossal mistake of putting my entire name as my domain name. It doesn`t only make my domain name so long but I`ve also put myself at risk for identity theft that`s why I monitor my credit history now every month.

So I better start packing now if I want to get enough sleep tonight. I`m packing some stuff for our 4 days long drive to Banff and Calgary. Wohoo! At last vacation time! I`ll be bringing my lappy on the road so I`ll be updating my blog once in a while on the road.

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