Thursday, May 21, 2009

Congratulations to Kris Allen!

Before anyone continues to read this, please be reminded that these are my opinions and this is my personal blog so please don't try to persuade me to like what you like or anything. I'm entitled to my own opinion and preferences.


It's such a shame that I wasn't able to keep track of the Season 8 of American Idol... stupid work! Anyway, I've been able to watch the final episode of American Idol where Adam and Kris faced off with three songs.

I've got to admit that Adam Lambert really had awesome vocals and his range isn't something that you always hear these days. Kris Allen in fairness has a great voice too! I love the way that his voice is soothing and calming, I mean his voice doesn't hurt my ears and makes my headache. Let's just say that his type of singing style is the one that I love. And before anyone reacts violently or negatively with this let's remember that everyone has a personal preference or choice so let me be. Some people on YouTube are saying that No Boundaries by Kara DioGuardi is a bad song and that Kris only won because he made it sound better, well I kind of agree with this, except the part where they said that the song was cheesy.

Anyway, everyone was so sure that Adam Lambert was going to win because even Simon was being nice for the first time with Kris Allen, being soft with him even if his performance of No Boundaries wasn't that good because it was too high for him.

But I'm glad that Kris Allen won. Kris and Adam are equally amazing. And just like any other American Idol finalists, it's not always the Winner who gets the highest number of album sales. It also depends with the fans who will continue to support them even after American Idol.

I will buy Kris Allen's album when it becomes available on iTunes because as I said his genre of music is what falls under my personal likes. Kris Allen's style of singing is kind of like David Archuleta's but I know that they both can't be compared.

Anyway, congratulations to all the contestants! Just being on American Idol is awesome enough!

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