Friday, May 15, 2009

Thinking About Moving

I still can`t get over the fact that we`re going to have our new home built this November and that we`re going to move from our modest 2 bedroom apartment into a colossal 4 bedroom house. The first thing that really comes into my mind and can`t get rid off is finding a moving quote. Although our SUV has plenty of cargo space at the back if you fold down all the seats but you can`t expect our beds and dressers to fit in there right so we really need to choose from several budget van lines.

I`m just glad that we live in the city and moving from one house to another has become a norm so there are already several moving companies that could help us in our move. Just thinking about moving sends shivers down my spine and there are some fears and reservations but I guess that everything will turn out alright.

It`s also good that we have such great family friends who I know will help us in our move so I feel a bit at ease. Our family friends have also recently moved into their new home last December so they could surely recommend which
movers to choose from.

We won`t be moving until November but it doesn`t hurt to be prepared right?

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