Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doing What's Best for You

Remember how I keep venting and posting here in my blog how I am always irritated with my brother and his noisy bunch of friends? Well I kind of did something about it already.

I generally don't want to offend anyone because I don't want to hurt anyone and also because I really feel so bad in the end. But there are times when you have to offend other people just to let them know that they are already crossing the line.

When ever my brother's friends are here our privacy is always compromised. It would be great if we've already moved to our new home and they could stay in the basement so that my parents and I can continue doing what ever we're doing and relax in the comfort of our own home. But we still live in a very small and cramp apartment and when they come here they always take over our living room and sometimes even my room. So my parents and I end up staying in the master bedroom waiting for them to go away... that is if they even plan to go away.

I know that visitors coming to the house ain't so bad. But when they come into the apartment in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn just to sleep here it really pisses me off. Our apartment is not open to the public as a bed and breakfast.

I always have plans to clean the apartment but whenever I'm cleaning they are always here to mess everything up, that is if I even get the chance to clean when they're here. I heard one of them saying that I act as if I've already been here in Canada long. The hell with that! I don't care if they've stayed here longer than us, if they're richer than us, if they have a larger house than us, if they're fellow Filipinos, or if they're better than us or whatsoever. The point is this is MY home and this is MY sanctuary, so I wan't my privacy. So they can do whatever they want elsewhere aside from here. My parents don't show their unhappiness too and discontentment with the matter but I'm not afraid to speak my mind.

They said I just act this way because I don't have friends? Well I do have friends and I don't want to have friends like them who are always out drinking or doing whatever young people who don't take any responsibilities do these days.

But I really do feel bad for the way I acted. I actually feel a bit sick, literally. I know that I have been a bit childish and rude but I still think that it is still worth it because I value my happiness and the privacy of our home more.

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