Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring 2009 Vacation!

Finally! After 1 day of being offline, I am once again able to live my online life. I'm at Jasper Town right now and I'm glad that the hotel that we're staying right now offers free internet connection. The last place we stayed at has internet connection but you had to pay for it which I believe really sucked!

I've already posted photos of the places that we've been through the following days like the Royal Tyrrell Museum (a museum showcasing real dinosaur bones and the evolution of the earth), Banff Gondola, Lake Loiuse, Columbia Icefields (an expedition to the Athabasca glacier which is as thick as the Eiffel Tower is tall), and lastly the Jasper Tramway (A place where you ride a lift 2,000 feet above the ground to have the scenic view of Jasper Park). You can check the pictures out at my Multiply Account or the Photo Gallery link above the website.

It sure is great to be able to get a breather and escape from my monotonous and stressful life and be able to spend time with my family and be able to reflact and ponder on things. The long drive was really relaxing because it was my mom's co-worker that drove our car so I was able to catch some sleep at the back. The trip was great and we never got lost because we went with 3 other Filipino families who were my mom's co-workers.

I loved the beautiful scenic views that we've seen and even if it snowed and rained it wasn't too bad. But I really want to point out one store from my long drive which I really believe is worth mentioning.

If ever you are here at Jasper Town, I highly recommend that you visit an excellent little souvenir and gift shop called Everything But. The lady store keeper was really nice to me and my brother and she even gave us a free key chain. It's very hard to find stores who are very entertaining and quite generous like Everything But.

I can't wait for the next long drive!

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