Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Solve a Puzzle Ring

This post goes to Tetris, a Korean who was having a hard time assembling her puzzle ring that she bought from the Philippines. I also had a puzzle ring that I too had problems with because when it fell apart it looked like a complete mess:

Tetris asked me to send her an e-mail explaining how to assemble a puzzle ring but unfortunately I lost my ring so I have no idea how to explain and describe the steps in putting a puzzle ring back together. But fortunately for everyone, we can rely on the vast knowledge that is stored on the internet, even thought the majority of what's on the internet is plain stupid.

But before we go into the boring part of putting a puzzle ring back together let me share one of the said reasons why the puzzle ring falls apart and is so hard to put back together. It is said that puzzle rings or infinity knots (till death do us part, get it?) were really made as wedding rings to prevent husbands or wives from cheating because when they do remove their wedding rings it falls apart and is very difficult to put back together.

So if you guys are cheating wives and husbands (LOL!) who have difficulty in putting their wedding ring back together here are some links that proves to be very helpful in putting back a puzzle ring:

There are really more resources about the puzzle ring so you could just surf the net but in my opinion, being able to successfully solve a puzzle ring using your own brain is more satisfying and fulfilling. It took me hours to fix a ring all by myself and I couldn't help but be proud of my accomplishment.

Anyway if you do try solving the puzzle ring by yourself or with the help of the internet, always do remember to NEVER as in NEVER EVER try to force rings in as a single bent in the rings would make it very difficult to put back together.

Have fun!

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