Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exciting Saturday

I thought that all hope was lost when I had that last sudden episode of depression last week. I wanted to make things going already and I was tired of waiting. Guess seeing my classmates (and some who I thought would never graduate *evil mode*) graduate had made me feel miserable and incompetent. Now I know how those people who got laid off and have no jobs feel, although my problem is slightly in a smaller scale.

Well I feel that I accomplished something today and I am darn proud of it! I conquered my fear of being in public and actually rode the bus to downtown Edmonton but I had to wear really flashy clothes to overcompensate for my lack of self-confidence and self-loath, LOL!

I went to the Immunization Business Unit of Capital Health for an update of my vaccinations. The health care professional (I don't know if she was a nurse or doctor) who attended to me must think that I'm too excited for school because I haven't received admission yet to MacEwan College or University of Alberta but here I am doing my immunizations. She was actually very welcoming and it was awesome how she took the time to explain to me what we were going to do and what the stuff she is injecting to me is and it's effects (more importantly their adverse effects). I was expecting a lot of pain from the injections but they were pretty painless. I was really surprised that it took less than 15 minutes for my whole visit.

But my exciting day didn't end there. My parents picked me out at home and we went window shopping for homes, Lol! We weren't pre-approved for mortgage but as I said, were only looking not buying. And boy did I like what I see! We chose to live in a new built neighborhood at Southeast Edmonton and the houses were new, big, and very beautiful. We looked at duplexes but they were too small for us and we decided that if we were going to buy a house it would be best to buy the home that we really like because it's hard to sell houses these days.

I was really blown away by the 4-bedroom, 2 storey, 2 baths, and 2-car garage home we saw by Landmark Homes! How I wish we could just move right in tomorrow! Now we just have to get approved for a mortgage worth $397,000!

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