Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strengthening the Canada Immigration Laws

Just recently a 44-year old man, a father of 2, died at the hands of a lowlife at a spa here in my neighbourhood, Millwoods. Duane McArthur was a real hero as he fearlessly sacrificed his own life for the safety of his wife and other people at the spa. The perpetrator, Pierre Kabema Ilunga, an 18 year old immigrant from Congo wasn't interested in money and was just out on a killing spree. Justice may have been served as this lunatic killed himself when he was cornered by the Edmonton Police.

I am quite angry because first of all, these kind of people shouldn't be tolerated. How on earth did he get hold of a gun? This just shows that crime is on the rise here in Edmonton and I don't want to live in a gang infested neighbourhood.

Second, I am angry at the fact that this pathetic excuse of a human being has brought upon more stereotypes of immigrants like myself. FYI: Immigrants here in Canada are not treated like royalties, we like other Canadian Citizens pay taxes and have to work for a living. Immigrants are not given any "stimulus package" or anything and we have to rely on our own pockets to survive. We also pay the same taxes as Canadian Citizens do so we also deserve the rights and benefits that citizens have, except the voting part of course because that is already a given fact.

But whatever race, color, nationality, or whatsoever of the murderer is he is still a murderer and deserves no pity or condolence or whatsoever. He may be a child soldier in the Congo or what ever people are saying but that doesn't give him the license to kill.

I hope that this serves as an eye-opener to the Edmonton Police and the government that a change should be implemented to keep guns, drugs, and gangs from infesting our neighbourhoods.

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