Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deer Repellants

It is a well known fact that we are not the only ones that live on earth. We share the world, our home, with other creatures and animals and an absence of one leads to a disruption in the balance of the ecosystem.

Even if we have to share our environment there are places that we want animal-free just like in our backyard. Imagine, we paid thousands of dollars just to hire a landscape designer and we worked hard to plant flowers since its already spring. Then the following day we find the flowers and foliage were completely ruined and the barks from our trees were stripped! We were about to call the police because we thought it was vandals but we learned from a neighbour that it must have been deer from the nearby forest.

Our neighbour was kind enough to give us advice and told us to get some deer repellants. She highly recommended the Havahart brand since that is what she uses in her backyard.

So basically the Havahart products works by harmlessly repelling deer by making use of the deer's strong sense of smell. The repellants have an active ingredient that is very pungent to deers but is completely odorless to humans when dried.

So our backyard is now restored to its former glory and we won't have to worry about deer gnawing down on our plants anymore thanks to Havahart.

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