Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Be a Parent

There are some couples who have long planned and prepared to be parents. There are also those who had never thought about being parents but suddenly became parents. Whatever the scenario is one thing is for sure there are no perfect parents.

Parenting is a vocation that demands one's time, effort, and even money. It is extremely challenging for new parents-to-be to cope up with the changes in their lifestyles and for the new mommies changes in their bodies.

Several questions pop into a parent's mind like how to distinguish what is normal from abnormal in pregnancy? What to name the baby? How to provide a safe environment for the baby and so forth.

Although there are several reference books on how to be a parent in bookstores, nothing beats the expert advice of fellow parents who have successfully went through what you are just going through or will go through. is a must for those who will go the extra mile to give what is best to their children. It is the place to share personal experiences and a place to meet other people who like you wants their children to grow up happy, healthy, and responsible members of society.

I myself have studied maternity and child care as a student nurse but there are still more things to learn. I myself would have no idea what to do if ever I was pregnant. The greatest question that I would ask would be what to expect during the three phases of pregnancy and how to cope with them. And as I said although several references talks about these phases they are vague and nothing would beat the advice of someone who has actually gone through actual pregnancy and has successfully raised healthy and well rounded kids. So I will indeed visit when I myself will become a parent.

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