Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I was on Facebook a while ago and I posted this status:

Edgar Vincent Bautista is thinking why the hell am I in Canada?! I should have stayed in the Philippines. Who cares about money if your not happy.

I'm glad that several people feel the same way and that I am not alone. I forgot that I have friends and people who share the same fate as me. We were uprooted from our lives and forced to live here in Canada/US without any choice.

Well as all of them said we cannot change our past and all that we can do is find happiness in our new home. Sooner or later we can reap the fruits of our hardwork and maybe then we can spend our retirement years back home in the Philippines.

Right now I am looking forward to getting admission to MacEwan for my nursing degree and just recently one of my goal is to get ourselves our very own home here in Edmonton. Living in a condominium is fine but having your own place that you can truly call your own is better.

I just came home today from Sherwood Park were we viewed a showhome. The real estate lady was very accomodating and it was very generous of her to offer us a ride to save gas and all since Sherwood Park is several minutes away from our home.

I just hope that our mortgage specialist from the bank is able to pull some strings to get us pre-approved for a house in the range of $350,000 to $400,000. Right now my mom was thinking if it was a right move to have bought us a car because our mortgage specialist said that we could have been approved for a $500,000 home if we didn't have our car. So should we sell our car? Nah! I love our car and it already has some sentimental value for me, it's our baby.

We weren't planning on buying a house this year but since the interest rates are lower and the house prices have plummeted drastically this might be the best year to buy a house since the economy might improve soon. Plus our rent for the condo has increased. Were like paying for a monthly mortgage already so why not pay something towards ownership right?

Right now all I can do is think positive and look onwards with a bright attitude.

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