Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is it a Sin to be Vain?

Lately, I have found taking pictures of my self so enjoyable hehehe... It's not that I think I look so good and all but I just love taking pictures of my self and looking at my self in the mirror... it happens so often that it's starting to freak me a little bit... hehehe.

I guess it all started when someone told me that I had a makings of a model and it really boosted my self confidence and ego, and maybe a little too much. hahaha! I feel so weird talking about these things. But I am being productive. Being vain only becomes a sinwhen you over do it right? Like you keep looking at the mirror and you spend so much time at making your self look good that you lose time to do more important things like studying or helping your parents or something, right?

Hahaha... why am I even talking about this...

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