Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Depressed Mode

It is not frequent that I am able to just sit and wonder about the things that I should and shouldn't have done. I then realize that what I did can't be undone and if it can be undone, it's already too late for changes...

But it is also in these times that I realize my mistakes and I finally get to accept that no one can really be perfect no matter how you try (that is if ever I tried hard enough).

Maybe I should just accept and feel this fustration over failing and not achieving my goals so that I can keep my feet on the ground and to prevent my head from becoming larger...

No, no one deserves to be unhappy as I learned... I will not fall like this! This is just one of the obstacles (or shit) that life has to throw at us to remind us that we still are alive and that we are still part of the "gulong ng palad" or the thing we call fate.

hay naku...

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