Monday, May 29, 2006

Searching for Happiness

The main goal of everyone is to find happiness… we all want to be happy… and every one deserves to be happy. Different things and different reasons make us happy. For some, power, fame, and wealth give them happiness, or so they believe. To some a simple laugh or smile from the person they really care about could inspire them and keep them going throughout the day. Many would do anything to seek for their happiness, even to the point of hurting other people. Some find their happiness and some don’t. Life is unfair and cruel, not everyone gets a chance in attaining a lived happily ever after ending.

But what is crueler is not knowing what could make you happy. Every one search for happiness but how can you find it when you don’t even know its shape or form? It is like searching for a person in a crowd when you don’t even know his or her face and name.

What makes me happy? I just don’t know. Am I happy? I don’t know. Maybe the thing or someone that could make me happy is already with me but I just don’t know it.

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