Saturday, May 27, 2006

Update Update Update!

Yey! Finally I have done something worthwhile during my free time! It took me the whole day to finish re-lay-outing my friendster profile and my blogger skin but I'm quite satisfied with my accomplishment hehehe... Please don't mind the pictures thatI have placed here, instead of using "imageshack" I used blogger to store my pics hehehe...

You guys should see my new profile at friendster,! And I'm so glad that I've finally figured out how to make the links thing so you guys can check out my favorite websites and blogs of my friends.

It's 1:57 in the morning and I am already so tired! But I have to finish these things now because I have rivals in using the computer tomorrow hehehe... it's a sunday tomorrow so I can sleep as long as I can!

Well I'll end my post here...

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