Monday, May 8, 2006

Teacher You're Wrong!

You know what makes me really angry?! Teachers that don't know how to teach!!! Grrr! It is so unfair that I have some teachers that really suck at teaching! My gosh! Is there a sudden lack in teachers at XU that they just recruit anyone, I mean "ANYONE", even if they suck at teaching? Like if I have a teacher like that I would rather teach my self. I mean I am teaching myself because my darn teacher talks to himself/herself during class discussions. And to think that this teacher gets angry and even annoyed if you correct her mistakes? Like BIG and STUPID mistakes!!! Grr!!!

I have highschool teachers who are far more competent than some of my college teachers! Xavier should think about having a re-evaluation of its teachers if it really intend to provide its students with "quality" education.


  1. hi edgar! maybe you should bring this up during the next CSG meeting. the problem is if there still are competent teachers around.