Monday, November 16, 2009

Stinky People

I'm really quite surprised to encounter extremely foul smelling people here in Canada. And I'm not saying the regular body odour, I mean really stinky! I could actually feel my throat literally burn from their smell. It smells like milk that has gone bad with cigarettes mixed into them, but worst!

I would understand if they smell bad because they're impoverished and are homeless but these stinky people that I encounter actually have money to spare. I don't think that taking a shower once in a while, deodorant, and cologne would cost a fortune. Seriously, I would pay them to stay away from me.

It's just too bad that I'm just too nice and polite to tell them that they really really stink and I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

It's not that I'm being elitist or being snobby, it's just that there are certain smells that my nose can't tolerate and stinky people is one of those smells I would never want to sniff. I really wonder how they can tolerate the way they smell. I wouldn't last a week with out bathing so if I were somehow be transferred into their body, I would go take a long bath and drown myself with cologne.

To those people who don't believe in personal hygiene, I respect your decision. But please understand that I also have the right to breath in fresh, clean air. So before you go out of your house and mingle with other people, please take  ashower or at least wear some cologne to mask your stench.

This is a very touchy topic indeed and a common reality indeed so I just want to speak out my thoughts on this matter.

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