Saturday, November 28, 2009

Leave It to the Geeks!

This post was never meant to offend or degrade geeks all over the cyberworld but it's actually my way of thanking them and praising them for their great knowledge and skills. I especially am happy with the geeks at Web Hosting Geeks.

I am someone who loves blogging and should I dare say self obsessed and narcissistic (wait they both are the same right?) that's why I have a blog that is named after myself. But having a domain requires a need for web hosting and I wouldn't have chosen the right one from hundreds or thousands of web hosting companies.

Blogging used to be such a pain and was a cause of my headaches but thanks to the articles, lessons, and reviews that Web Hosting Geeks had I was able to learn a lot and was able to differentiate the difference between different types of web hosting such as dedicated server or vps hosting.

I actually used to pay a fortune with my last web host but with the help I got I was able to switch to a different web host that was affordable and yet provided me with all my web hosting needs. This is why it's always great to have a geek around.

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