Sunday, November 8, 2009

Move Me

As the day of our move fast approaches, all I could think of is the headache of moving. Well it`s actually my mom who should do all the worrying with our move and House Conveyancing but I just can`t help but feel that I have some share of the responsibility.

The date of our move isn`t a great one too. We will be moving in the middle of winter so I`m already imagining knee deep snow and freezing temperatures. it`s not a pretty sight so you could really imagine why I`m stressed out. I`m not really happy with the thought of having to carry all our heavy furniture so I`m glad that I know of a way to save me from my moving dilemmas.

To lessen the anxiety of moving, I`m actually checking out the website Move Me. It has absolutely everything that you need to know about moving. Knowing what you actually need to do on the day of your move makes everything look so simple. There are tips and information on how to go about transferring your utilities, changing your mailing address, home insurance, and even Property Conveyancing.

Move Me even provides you free quotes and links you to several companies (like a removal company or utilities for example) that will give you the best deal. Imagine, Move Me actually creates a move planner for you. Everything that you need to do is all laid out on a calendar so you don`t have to stress yourself out worrying on what you should do or what you forgot to do. And the best part of it all is that Move Me doesn`t charge you a single cent.

We've actually gotten hold of  a Conveyancing Solicitor so all the paper works and  legal aspects of transferring our old property to another owner. So far so good, everything is turning out great! So wish me luck on my move!

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