Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Remote Access

A friend was asking for help with her computer one day. It seems that she had a problem with her computer settings and naturally she asked me for help because she thought that I was a computer geek which I'm not.

Everything would have turned out easier if I had remote access to her computer. I tried using the Window's Remote Assistance software but I don't know why but somehow I wasn't able to connect to her computer at all. It was quite frustrating.

Telling her what to do step by step sure was time consuming and I could have fixed her problem within minutes if only I had access to her computer. It was just unfortunate that we didn't have RemotePC.

What I like about RemotePC is that it isn't system resource intensive, the program doesn't take a lot of memory. Plus it's easier to set-up and use than the very complicated Windows Remote Assistance.

You can just open the viewer or the web browser, log-in, and presto you can instantly gain access to the files on the computer and anything in the home network. Everything is very easy to setup and the subscription to the service is cheaper than most competitors.


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