Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Path to Our Dream Home

OMG!!! We were shaken a bit after hearing from someone that we made a mistake of applying for credit to buy a set of furniture at Sears. Well this someone said that the bank could still back out and cancel our mortgage before the actual house keys are given to us.

Applying for credit after getting a mortgage approved somehow gives an impression that we can't afford to pay our mortgage, well that's what this person said because she used to work as a mortgage specialist.

It kind of scared us because what the hell are we going to do with our $3,500 worth Sofa if we don't have a house? Gosh my mom and I were really psyched out! It's kind of my fault because I was bugging my mom to apply for credit already so that the sofa will be manufactured and be available for delivery on the day that we will move in our house.

I'm also having second thoughts with the sofa we bought because for that price we could have bought an entire sectional. But it kind of looks nice right?

We bought one that is custom made, we got to choose the color and the sofa is made out of Italian leather and the chair at the left most part reclines. I have to convince myself that the price is really worth it...

We really felt down after buying a very expensive sofa because we saw a sectional for that same price... It really pays to window shop.

And we also learned our lesson and realized that we shouldn't apply for financing anymore because we were thinking that if we had a lot of debt it would really be hard to budget our money so it would be best to just save right now while we still aren't paying for our mortgage and then just pay cash for our mortgage.

But we did already reserved some furniture at Leon's. We didn't bother with a sectional anymore since it is very bulky and it would be better to get a sofa and a loveseat so that the four of us can get a seat that reclines. Plus we had to think of getting something cheaper but has good quality because we are furnishing 3 living rooms: the basement (entertainment room), main floor (great room), and second floor (bonus room). We were able to furnish our living rooms for less than $10,000 so I guess we made quite the accomplishment.

We won't buy any paintings, dining set, or beds yet since we still want to have food on our table and cash for our other bills. We just have to make use of what we currently own right now.

I'm still unhappy with the fact that not everything I want is happening but I am really glad that my mom's dream is finally becoming a reality. She worked so hard for this so it's just right that she reaps the fruit of her labor.

I just have to bare working for a while so that I can help with the bills while I still can.

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