Monday, December 24, 2007

I’m Sorry That You’re Impoverished

I just hate some of my brother’s friends, if not completely all of them. I can’t fake it and act happy whenever they’re around the house and be hospitable and all because they define the epitome of “buwiysetas” or unwanted visitors. Like they have the nerve of saying this line: “I never thought that HE (referring to ME) would be here…” Like the HELL! I happen to live here you stupid b*tches. This happens to be my freaking home, this is my domain, my sanctuary, my abode, residence, and whatever you call a place you own and live in. Grrr! I hate them! If only I have the time and energy to throw them out of the house!

Some of them have the audacity to come to our house in the evening to use our computer. And for what? For checking their Friendster accounts and even for scanning their pictures of their hideous selves. Like don’t they have the decency to call ahead (that is if they have a phone, or send an SMS at least) or wait until morning to do their stupidness? My gosh, I don’t want to be rude like they are but don’t they have money to spend on internet cafes? Like do they understand the word PRIVATE or PRIVACY? My HOME is not a PUBLIC place where they can casually enter in the middle of the night! I don’t care if they can’t afford to buy their own PC or connect to the internet, or worst, can’t afford to rent a computer in an internet café. Don't get me wrong. I don't look down on them because they can't afford to buy a PC or connect to the internet, what I'm really against is that they have the nerve to go to our house acting as if they own it. How dare they impose themselves and barge in our house without any courtesy call?! How rude and undignified. But what would you expect from people of poor breeding.

I know that it’s Christmas and all but lately I have noticed that they have a negative influence with my brother and that triggers my hate mode. These bunch of delinquents lie to their parents about where they are going and they don’t even inform their parents that they’re not coming home. These are the group of youth that I can tag as a problem of society. Hell, my brother was even caught carrying marijuana (Cannabis) and who else would we blame but his stupid misfit friends. They have the foul excuse of having these prayer meetings during Sunday just to idle somewhere.

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