Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Before reading the post I should warn you… this contain LOTS of spoilers. If you plan on playing the game don’t read this post.

Ah! I just finished the game and I was really disappointed! For a long journey that was pretty short! I mean there were some… I mean A LOT of questions left unanswered. It’s like watching a movie and is cut short. Like what happened to the other characters? What happened to April? Is she really dead? Will Kian be executed? Is the White Drake killed by Brian? Why is Reza not Reza? Why was the big ugly rich monster killed by his own minions? And why on earth would a mother allow her daughter to be in a comma? Is Zoe a real organic person or a clone or a sort of test tube baby?

The game’s plot is very interesting and it literally sucks you in to the story. It’s a great role-playing game and you are able to think and solve difficult puzzles (yeah, I cheated in some chapters of the game…). There is a sort of anti-church connotation here as represented by the “holy people” who wanted to convert “sinners” and bring them into the light and worship their “goddess” even if they have to use force. It does ring a bell doesn’t it? Not that I’m an anti-church person. The story line is so good! I feel like I’m watching a movie even if it’s a game. But the combat system does suck but who’s complaining? I’m not into the beat them up genre kind of gamer anyway.

I am so disappointed. Like Dreamfall is a masterpiece no doubt about it but what a bummer. I did enjoy the game, I just hate the ending.

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