Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I’m Sorry Meow-Meow

I did something really awful today and it really made me very sad. You see I was forced to take a little kitten away from our house. The story goes like this:

My puppy, Missy, was barking like crazy and she was very anxious, agitated, and wasn’t acting like herself.

I was investigating the cause of her anxiety when I heard a tiny “Meow”. And voila a baby kitten appeared hiding under some old tires. Missy was barking at it and I really admired the courage of the kitten who despite the big size of Missy, she still hissed and sort of tried to scratch Missy to defend herself (or himself).

I went near the kitten and called it and to my surprise it went near me. It sort of trusted me and I suddenly had a liking to the kitten. I honestly wanted to keep it and take care of it because she (he) was really small and I’m afraid for her safety. But I had to take her away because I love my puppy too and I don’t want her to be infected with rabbis from the cat. I had no choice and I caught her and dropped her (him) somewhere far, because if my father was the one to dispose of her, he would have done worst and I didn’t want to hurt the kitten.

I’m ashamed of what I did. But as long as I’m under the roof of my parents I can’t do anything and I really had to protect Missy. This situation is really depressing.

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