Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Laptop Dilemma

I have wanted to get a laptop for so long. It’s already a proven fact that a laptop is a necessity and not just a want. A laptop is a need especially for a student nurse like me who constantly needs to be constantly updated and who need to research stuff.

I asked my Mom once if she could buy me one because my two laptops are unfortunately permanently out of order. To my dismay she asked what I need it for. We already have two computers in the house but I can’t really use them because I stay at a boarding house and it’s not time-efficient, not to mention cost-effective, to just come home to use the computer. Sure the school has computers and all but the laboratories open late and the computers are the library are constantly used by silly students who have no conscience and just use the computers there for opening their Friendster account. I understand that their tuition includes the use of the computers but it’s a library a place of learning not socializing.

I could also go to internet cafes but it would be such a hassle. Not to mention dangerous, an internet café is filled with strangers and possibly evil elements.

I asked my mom if I could bring my computer at home to the boarding house and she then told me that bringing a computer to the city would be difficult and all plus I had to pay for the additional electricity use. To my surprise she then told me that she would buy me a laptop instead. I was really overjoyed

I couldn’t sleep and I constantly keep on thinking about that laptop. I’m obsessed with the thought of actually having the laptop in my arms like it’s crazy. I’m already suffering; I’m in anguish having to wait for January to get my laptop.

Actually the waiting part is bearable but something awful came up. I have rummaged around the city for computer shops and it all came to two stores who had the laptops I want. One store had an installment plan but only had Neo laptops which is within my allotted budget. A Neo-Q Note Endura 540SLe to be exact:

Neo notebooks to be honest are cheap. So cheap that it makes you wonder if it would last a month or so. I have surfed the net and to my big dismay my speculations where right. Neo Enduras doesn’t endure at all. Some Neo customers had bought Neos and it only lasted for 8 months. There are a lot of complaints about it and the customer service is very poor. Like I am praying and hoping that my mom would reconsider and won’t buy me a Neo.

I am hoping that she buys me an Asus X51R series which doesn’t only have a faster processor (Intel Dual Core 1.86 Ghz) and many more superior features. It beats Endura on almost all aspect and it only is php 7,200 more expensive. If you ask me, I would rather buy a well-known brand from a doubtful one. But if ever I get a Neo, I would be sad but at least I get a laptop right? I’ll just have to be very careful with it and I would have to buy laptop fans because it easily heats up.

The second store has my dream laptop. An Acer Travelmate 5520! It actually is like the Asus X51R but only a bit faster with a superior graphics card. But I bet my mom would get me either an HP Compaq Presario C702TU or an Acer Aspire 4315 Notebook. They really have the same specs to each other (even with the Neo Endura 540SLe) but I would prefer the Acer from the three (HP, Acer Aspire, Neo). The HP may be a better brand but its design is sort of... uhm... square? The second store does have my laptop of preferences but they don’t have an installment plan. I doubt my mom would buy it directly with cold hard cash. But I do hope that things work out with the second store. My mom has some connections with the said store and she could arrange for something. But unfortunately the said person is on leave. I do hope that that person decides to return ASAP so that things will be worked out and then I can get my laptop (an Acer or HP, NOT a NEO, God forbids) by the second week.

I would rather wait for a month longer as long as I don’t get a Neo for a laptop.


  1. You can get a Z61m Thinkpad for P29,990 at EDP at 4th floor cyberzone megamall.

    It's the best buy for the buck.

  2. Thanks for the comment anonymous! Unfortunately I live in Cagayan de Oro so I can't buy from there. But my mom told me that she'll get me an Asus X51r instead so it's quite ok. ^_^