Tuesday, October 9, 2007

xxxHolic Review

I really have enjoyed watching xxxHolic. I haven't finished watching the series yet but I could say that it is a work of art. The graphics are excellent and the music is perfect. The combination of the two portrays a perfect world of magic and real life. CLAMP, the producer of the said anime, is really amazing. It really makes you think and your imagination can just run wild.

And who ever said animè isn't educational? Well xxxHolic can prove you wrong. It showcases the rich culture of Japan by embedding in the plot the different legends and myths in Japan. The way of life of Japanese people are shown and their different food, dresses, and customs are shown. It really amazes me how Japan can be so high-tech but they still are able to preserve their own identity, culture, and history.

Also xxxHolic is a perfect place to study philosophy and humanity as it exposes some morals and truths of what truly is being a human being. I will share some learning that I have derived in some of my other posts.

Totally amazing! I really love xxxHOLIC and I am quite inspired when I watch each episode that is full of wisdom and zest.

I rate it with a perfect five out of five! Why don’t you guys watch it and see for yourselves what I’m talking about.


The series' protagonist, Kimihiro Watanuki, is a high school student who is continually plagued by supernatural monsters (youkai) and spirits which are magically attracted to him. The creatures are invisible to all but him, and as a result he feels extremely burdened by them. When he quite literally stumbles into a shop that grants wishes, his life changes drastically.

Within the shop is the seductively beautiful Yūko Ichihara, a witch of many names and esoteric renown. The seemingly all-knowing witch soon gets down to business: she offers to grant Watanuki's wish to be rid of his ability to see spirits. However, a price equal to the power required to grant the wish must be paid. Yūko discovers that Watanuki is very skilled with his hands and a hard worker. As a result, Watanuki soon finds himself forced to perform housework and odd jobs for Yūko until he has done enough work for his wish to be granted.

Shortly afterwards, other characters become involved with Watanuki's position, including his love interest, Himawari Kunogi, and his "rival", Shizuka Dōmeki. The three become increasingly "friendlier", despite the amount of times Watanuki gets annoyed with Dōmeki's unflappable attitude.

Another recurring theme in the manga storyline is that Watanuki's growth and change will be because of his experiences of meeting one person. Yūko, according to a fortune teller in Volume 2, is the one that will change Watanuki. However, it's implied that he will be linked to both Yūko and Dōmeki and that all their connections were foreseen.

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