Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Running Away From Happiness

Why does someone run away from happiness? This is a weird question from xxxHolic.

Another weird question: If you won one billion pesos worth of lottery would you claim it or not?

For a person who would run away from happiness, that person wouldn't probably claim it. And why on earth would a sane person refuse to claim the prize? Answer?

It's simple, in order to receive happiness, it takes an equal amount of effort; compensation is required. You must also experience the same amount of unhappiness as payment for whatever happiness you incurred. This ladies and gentlemen is the law of equivalent trade.

You alway have to pay your debts even if you are the receiver. This means that you have to also reward your sufferings that you have incurred from your choices. If you win the lottery, claim the prize as that is your compensation. If you owe ten thousand yen, you must pay ten thousand yen. If you deserve 300 million pesos then receive 300 million pesos. Any discount will dusrupt the balance. Disrupting the balance would only reak havoc.

That is why some people refuse to receive happiness. The good parts are the parts that you must pay for. One who refuses happiness is someone who refuses to accept the responsibilities incurred from receving happiness.

If you ask me, that person is quite smart. Every action is well calculated, but one false move could only lead that person in some deep problem... but on the bright side, proper compensation comes: happiness.

So how can someone run away from happiness exactly? Take for example the girl from xxxHolic. In order to risk the reward of getting promoted, she allowed herself to be in an accident so that she would miss that very stressful presentation. She could present very well and even succeed in it but she doesn't want the responsibilities that comes with being promoted. See? Her careful plan had lead to a desired conclusion of neutrality. The balance wasn't even shaken one bit.

Another learning from xxxHolic.

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