Tuesday, October 9, 2007


“Coincidence is but an illusion.
There is only fate.”

I have always believed that things happen for a reason. There are no accidents or mere coincidence. Everything that occurs is a chain reaction and an event is the result of than reaction. Life is like a wheel that continues on rolling and there is a path that we must follow. Life is a sequence of events.

But I also believe in free will. Fate can only bring us too far as to encounter a certain event but it is in our hands and our own choice to choose to have fate work or come into reality. This is just like meeting the girl/boy of your dreams, a person who is perfect. You met that person because of fate. But it’s up to you if you talk to that person or not. Either way your choices will lead you to another chain of events and so forth. We do have a choice, and every choice we make counts.

But one thing is for sure. Our death is inevitable. No choice we make can save us from death, and it is in this manner that fate takes hold of our life.

Things happen for a reason… but the reasons are unclear…

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