Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Words are Powerful

I have been watching xxxHolic lately and I want to share some learning that I have derived from it:

“Waves. Things that rise and fall.

Waves. Things that proliferate from a source.

Waves. Things that can’t be fought against.

Living things are restrained by Chains:

The laws of nature

The flow of time

The vessel known as your “body”

And the existence called your mind

The one chain that people can wield: WORDS.”

The waves that are mentioned here are words. As I interpret these statements, I have come up with this. There are many kinds of words. There are words that are positive and words that are negative. And these words come from one source: our own self. Words are powerful and they cannot be stopped. We as humans have many weaknesses and these may even inhibit us from reaching our full potentials. The laws of nature prevents us from doing some things like flying or being invisible for example. The flow of time restricts us from undoing what we have done in the past. Our bodies are fragile and it won’t last forever. And our mind has its own limitations. But words… we can use this for our own advantage. We can say that we can’t do something and we will definitely fail because we don’t have faith in our self. Or better yet we can say I can do this and things will turn out better. Negative words will only restrain your self. How will you know that something will turn out bad when you never tried? Nothing will be accomplished by being pessimistic.

“Words are living things. Chains can be used for more than tying down. They can be used to connect, and tie together. Looking forward and speaking positively makes all the difference.”

Words can bridge people together. Saying positive things will attract people to you and would be more at ease speaking with you and this will form a relationship between you two. How will you know people when you don’t talk to them because you already say that they dislike you?

“Words are amazing. However, words don’t only affect the one using them…”

But words can also come from other people. Other people can say hurtful things that could put you down.

“You are responsible for your own choices. So much pity when you are tied down. If you enjoy living like this, there’s no harm in staying tied down. Your immediate comfort is not telling yourself “everything will turn out great and the joy it brings when you’re right.”

But you can choose to be affected or not. You have the power to break free from the chains of negative words that other people throw at you. If you don’t like the things that people say to you then prove to them that they are wrong and stop yourself from unconsciously fulfilling the things that they say about you.

Words are really amazing. They can bring people together or they can bring us apart and even start disagreements. Words are like wild beasts that are once released cannot be taken back or controlled. Words can spread like wild fire and if it’s negative then be ready for things to get worst. That is why we should always think twice before we speak because it only takes a few seconds to say hurtful things but the impact on your relationship with the other person will last for a lifetime.

I can totally relate with this quotes from xxxHolic. But there are times that you must really speak out what you feel because the longer that you keep your anger and frustrations inside you, the feeling will grow and will end up in an ugly outburst and you will really regret it. This usually happen to the silent and kind type of people. They let people abuse them and they really become really angry when they lose it and may even end up killing the other person.

We can always use words to express ourselves but we must use them with tact so that we won’t offend others. Use words cautiously. We must be affirmative but never offensive…

Hmm… So much wisdom… I really love xxxHolic!

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