Saturday, January 12, 2008

Filipino CEO Sex Scandal

It's quite amazing how this keywords could attract so many readers. Like I've read in some blog that the words sex scandal could really attract people to your blog or website. If you did open this blog because of the said keywords then the statistics must be true. What is it with human beings and they find something controversial very interesting and amusing. Maybe human beings are just finding ways to spice up their lives with things that are out of the ordinary like sex scandals. If people had enough time and their own private place, camera, and girlfriends/boyfriends then I guess we would have an abundant supply of sex scandals because people would do the things that are forbidden to fulfill one's curiousity and to stir up one's boring routines that we call life. I think that all of us have thought of doing something wrong just to see what happens. Imagine slapping your teacher. Isn't it interesting to find out their reactions? Maybe we provoke to feel that we truly exist. I don't know with others but this is just my idea why people do stupid things.

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