Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodbye Laptop

I had mixed emotions when my mom texted me one day and told me that our installment plan for my laptop was accepted. I was supposed to get an Acer Aspire 4315! Like it had 1 GB of RAM already and it already has a pre-installed Genuine XP! What a sweet deal! Naturally I would be ecstatic and all because I could already get my laptop anytime in that week. But all my hopes and expectations were washed down the drain when she told me that we needed a co-buyer that was a close relative. One would say that that wasn't a big deal at all. But in my case it is a big deal. My mom's relatives are all in Manila. My dad's relatives are here but the only one's living near the city can't even afford to support themselves, how in the world can they become co-buyers of a techno stuff that they would have to work for for several years to be able to barely afford the downpayment. Don't get me wrong, my dad does have successful sisters but they live so far away, one is in Cebu and the other is in California. Actually the store was happy enough to allow my mom to have her officemate co-sign the contract. Her officemate was actually very willing to be a co-buyer, God bless her. Everything was going smoothly and even fast but unfortunately my mom's husband had to get in the way of my dream. He is such a disappointment and I bluntly say that I am ashamed to have him as a father. Like who in their right mind would tell a credit officer that we had plans of leaving the country? He even showed the credit inspector my mom's text telling him not to say anything stupid like what he just said. He talked like a stupid parrot telling the credit officer that my mom gives post-dated checks, which isn't true, and even told the credit officer that my mom had plans of early retirement. Who in their right mind would allow us to purchase anything if we weren't financially stable. The fact is we are financially stable but my stupid father had to open his big mouth and destroyed our reputation. So right now my dreams and all my plans for my laptop are gone. To think that I could have used the laptop to simplify my study life. But all of that is gone now. My mom told me not to be depressed and all because there are a lot of stores but that atore had the laptop which I really wanted and I would have to prolong the anguish and agony of obsessing about that freaky laptop. Grr! How hard it is to convince me that it's just a stupid piece of wires and chips but what can I do, I've been waiting and expecting too long already for that laptop to materialize but then all of the sudden poof! It disappeared like that. How much longer do I have to wait! I do understand my mom but I still blame my dad for ruining it for me.

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