Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year in the Hospital

Who would have thought that I'd be spending my New Year's Day in the hospital because of Tonsillitis? Yup that's right, I was hospitalized for having too much chocolates. So if you want me to die, send me lots and lots of chocolates. Don't worry I'll be sure to eat it, it will be a slow and painful death...

The first 2 days were fine because I had my assignments to keep me busy (I hate the Nursing-student life). But the last 2 days were agonizing! The boredom just drives me crazy! I thought that I should just study to spend some time but then my laptop obsession turned up and I was so excited and frustrated because the future of my laptop is so dim. I hate it when my expectations aren't met.

Anyway, this is my second time to be admitted in the hospital. I couldn't remember my first time because I was so young back then but I remember every moment in the hospital right now. My admitting doctor was very nice and it's all thanks to her excellent clinical eye and medical management that I was feeling better on the second day already. I had fever up to 40 degrees Celcius and I was suffering from chills due to my super inflamed tonsils that had already started to have pus. It's not a good picture people. I'm very prone to tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and all mouth diseases so I tend to stay from dirty foods but why do I still get tonsillitis?!

It really feels nice when I'm injected with my antibiotics through my IV line, it feels so cool. I just hate it thought when people comes into my room every four hours even in the crack of dawn but my nurses and even wardmen are very nice. I also like my room, i really felt that I was in a hotel and I'll just ring the bell if I wanted anything. My bathroom was also clean so I really didn't have any complain about it.

I have been discharged now and I feel like a million dollar (wonder why I used this cliche). Good thing too that I stayed at a company owned hospital because oh my, the bill was very expensive. As the saying goes, "Mahirap magkasakit". Translation: Don't ever get sick because you'll just get worst when you see the bill.

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