Monday, February 20, 2006


I'm so bored! Nothing is really happenming in my life... Well just a threat to my life and security but nothing that exciting. My bestfriend chose a sex maniac over me... My grades are ok... but not that impressive... My love life is a big dull... But still exciting every now and then.ü I'm already this close to a stalker level hehehe.ü It's only a matter of time that I go berserk and just go jump ut of a building or something. Oh yes! This saturday is prom night! My God! Prom! Again? My last prom was a drag... no it's not a drag... it just sucked that's all. But hope this prom won't suck that much. My partner is a good friend of mine and I do hope that I get to see my high school crush. Hehehe... High school life all over again. What do I want to do right now? Sleep and eat! Buhuhu... Still have to study for political science and philosophy for tomorrow. Hey at least i did great in history even if I did not get to study our assignment for our test. Still got a 31 (or was it 32?) over 40. I still love God... He has always been good to me. I just hope that God gives me a sign to tell me the right things to do. I know that I have free will and everything but I hope He gives me options or something. Hmm.. Have nothing else to say... Hay naku life... sucks... heheheü
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