Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lust and Martyr

Today is a very bad day for me. My friend and I had hurt each other very deeply. And it’s all because of someone who is so lustful and can’t think about nothing else but sex. I won’t name these people to protect their privacy but I hate the lustful one (animal). Let’s just name them Lust, the devil, and Martyr, my friend. I don’t really understand why Martyr is giving Lust a chance even though Martyr knows that Lust is only after one thing… sex. I know, because I have to suffer the constant nonsense that Lust shares with me about how many people this maniac has slept with and etc.
Martyr is a very close friend of mine and I would never want to see this person get hurt and I blame myself for everything for it was my doing that made their paths to cross. I have told Martyr who Lust is and what Lust is capable of but somehow Martyr got infatuated with Lust and suddenly decides to give Lust a chance and hoped that Lust won’t treat Martyr as Lust treats the other exes. I’m only hoping for a miracle that this is true for Martyr hopes that Martyr can change Lust. But who could change Lust when even the source of Lust can’t control Lust. Lust is a selfish spoiled brat who gets what Lusts wants anytime anywhere.
Oh! The great pain I go through every time I think of Lust and Martyr together. I know that Martyr will never give Lust what Lust wants because Martyr is not stupid like the exes of Lust.
I don’t know what to do… If Martyr is happy with Lust, should I just leave Martyr alone when I know what will happen in the end? Lust gets what Lust wants and then leaves Martyr alone with nothing? How sad… How really sad…
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