Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Ideas On Love

Sometimes I ask my self what is love? Well for me love is when you are willing to give to someone everything even if it means that you have to throw away your pride and allow yourself to be vulnerable to pain, the worst case of this is rejection. A psychologist told me that I am still a boy. I am not mature enough to know the feelings that I feel. I frequently tell my self that I love someone unconditionally; I will love and accept this person for who this person really is and accept this person along with the person’s flaws and shortcomings. Unconditional love also means loving someone even if that someone doesn’t love you back. I have experienced this kind of love already. In fact I’ve given two people my unconditional love. The first was my high school crush and the second is my elder mentor, a deviant angel, a rebel.
Loving someone is quite hard. You keep thinking of that person and dream that you can talk to that person and be able to freely express your emotions and just show whom you really are. True love is loving until it hurts and you simply don’t care if it hurts. Loving does not mean ownership. Sometimes the right person comes at the wrong time and sometimes the wrong person comes at the right time. Love is a game where logic is useless. One cannot understand love, one can only feel it.
I am still young and still have a lot to learn. But until the right time comes I will have to explore… Be in love, be hurt, and be in love again…

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