Thursday, June 30, 2005

Online Friend/Love Finders

It's amazing what loneliness can do to a person... Didi you know that I have quite a number of accounts in sites where you supposedly meet and make friends with people? I have hi5, friendster, neatvibe,, and currently espinthebottle (just add except for Join me! Hehehe... But honestly it does not work... chat is better. If you don't care about physical appearances go for chats, but you can go into eye-ball chats if you believe the looks is what matters. Try eye-ball chat at I think or Yahoo Messenger!


  1. hi edgar! hehehe.. :) it doesn't work for me in anyway! nyahahahah!! :P

  2. Hey Cheenee! You are so right! The people in these things are not at all interested in your feelings, rather they go for te physical appearance reflected by the pictures. Anyway, I did find a friend online. rather he found me. There might be some hope for thios online ting. It's just there are more unreal people as compared to the real people, if you know what I mean. :)