Thursday, June 30, 2005

Theater Arts

You know what I joined or auditioned rather in a school organization related to the theatrical arts, I so sucked! I did not act, I simply said words with feelings! Hahaha, but doesn't matter if I don't get picked anyway since I will be having a lot of things in my hand like my studies for once. It's really so so... uh... it really asks a lot from you, time, effort, and everything. But it's not that stressful, I had more stress in high school as compared to this. I just wish that I can really do my best and get high grades as well since I need at least B - to maintain my scholarship, half scholarship to be exact. Right now I'm at our computer lab waiting for my next subject, Biology. I don't even have time anymore to have fun, well not that much time that I was accustomed of. Well, Life is still good.

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