Saturday, June 4, 2005

My WORST Day at XU

This event took place this morning of Saturday, June 4, 2005. I was at XU and I was going to get my ID. I was glad to go to school this Monday and I was even excited. It didn't bother me that the 1,000 (I think) Freshmen students had to make a line to get their ID's. There were even only two tellers who facilitated the handing out of the ID's by the way. Ok it was hot, crowded, and confusing but I still smiled and said to my self that I should sacrifice a little because this will end quickly. A couple of minutes later and our line was moving slower than a snail, literaly. Thye people then went balistic when someone said that not all ID's would be given that day. The people rushed to the blackboard were the names of the people who will receive their ID's that day, People pushed and squeezed just to search for their names. The blackboard was almost tipped over because of the crowd who wants to get a glimpse.
Despite the crowd, the long line, the hot sun, everything was going well when all of the sudden there were already three lines! What's the big deal with the three lines? Remember there were only two tellers so where does the extra line go? To one of the tellers specifically the A-L window. The other window was M-Z, you had to go to the window with the letter where your surname starts. Unfortunately I was with the A-L window with the two lines. All of the sudden the teller said to make one line. The guy infront of me didn't know how to converse with the teller because he might be shy or confused as I was. I told her that there were two lines to begin with. The crowd was so enormous that we couldn't make head or tails of the lines. I tried to reason with her, I asked her which line we should follow because both lines were already very long and it would be unfair for both of our parts to break up one line. I asked the people if it was ok if both lines cooperated and just go to the teller at intervals and both lines agreed. But still this teller was so closed-minded and stubborn. I reasoned with her but she completely ignored me so I was overcome with my irritation and maybe it was just because of the hot temperature that I lost my calmness. I admit I did raise my voice, but to a right level so I would be heard. I did respected them and addressed them with courtesy saying "Ma'am". There was one of the assistants who was more open to the problem and indeed realize that there was really a problem. She agreed with our plan but the teller would not. One line... what line would be dissolved I asked. She replied "Kamo na mag sabot..." but didn't you listen to me at all? We already decided to do an interval. The rest is a blank to me. After I got my ID I left the chaos and the heat of things.
Someone told me that people were calling me names like "Dramatic Person" or "Scene Maker" and some even tagged me gay because of my accent and expressions.
If it is wrong to argue and talk to fix things then fine I won't do anything! I quit! If it is so wrong to fix a chaotic scene with unity then fine I won't do anything of that! If it is wrong to speak out your mind then I will shut my mouth and let things as they are, I won't try to change things, it is impossible to make a difference at all. If I get laughed at instead of being supported then fine I don't care. I'm really confused. What ius the right thing to do? What would an Atenean do?
I admit that I did make a scene but it was after I was ignored. I DID KEEP MY CALM but lost it when I was IGNORED. She was right for following the rules, we should have made one line. But how? What line would be dissolved, we had waited so long and then we would be at the back of another line? We did solve that problem when we agreed to make intervals when we approach the "teller" or person-in-charge.
No one spoke up. The person in front of me did not speak up. What would happen? What happened after I spoke and made a fool of my self?
Ok I suddenly realized that we should have made one line with the interval thing but was I wrong to speak up? I did not mean to make a scene and that is the last thing I would do. But I was ignored she did not reply and did not tell us what to do. We were in chaos because we lacked the information. There were no signs of what to do and there wasn't any student assistants or leaders outside assisting the crowd.
I may be out of line sometimes that is why...
I apologize for my actions. They were immature and not right at all. I should just go with the flow and just follow what happens.
I have to admit I do feel bad and I don't know anything at all. All of the things I beleived in flew away and are nonsense. I don't know what to do anymore. Sorry...

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  1. hi edgar.. kalma lang. i wasn't there when the incident happened because someone already informed na not all IDs will be distributed today. i guess u nid to control your temper and don't do anything when you're still angry or something.. just like the friendster bulletin board posts.. :)