Wednesday, June 8, 2005

College Life Update

College life is fun! I have never had so many brakes in my life! I have all the time to do assignments and study during breaks BUT I seem to be having too much fun with my friends that I forget to study na or I get too lazy... buhuhuh. I wish that I'll sort this out. I shouldn't see my friends during breaks so that I can concentrate on my studies. Hey college is no small deal! It's very expensive and failing it is not an option. Failing will never be an option, ever! I wish that I'll finish college honors or no honors. But I'll still do my best to get higher grades. The feeling of graduating with honors is euphoric! Euphoric... wonder what this means, I'm just using it because it sounds good. Anyway college here I come! Veni Vedi Vici! I came, I saw, and I will conquer!


  1. hi edgar! hihi. college's fun gyud bitaw noh? andami breaks! dami time for friends! as for me, kung naay tym that i can see my friends if they have no classes and i don't have classes, too, i spend my time with them. hehe. maka-miss na! though my 1st prio. is still my studies. tc! ΓΌ