Monday, November 16, 2009

Stinky People

I'm really quite surprised to encounter extremely foul smelling people here in Canada. And I'm not saying the regular body odour, I mean really stinky! I could actually feel my throat literally burn from their smell. It smells like milk that has gone bad with cigarettes mixed into them, but worst!

I would understand if they smell bad because they're impoverished and are homeless but these stinky people that I encounter actually have money to spare. I don't think that taking a shower once in a while, deodorant, and cologne would cost a fortune. Seriously, I would pay them to stay away from me.

It's just too bad that I'm just too nice and polite to tell them that they really really stink and I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

It's not that I'm being elitist or being snobby, it's just that there are certain smells that my nose can't tolerate and stinky people is one of those smells I would never want to sniff. I really wonder how they can tolerate the way they smell. I wouldn't last a week with out bathing so if I were somehow be transferred into their body, I would go take a long bath and drown myself with cologne.

To those people who don't believe in personal hygiene, I respect your decision. But please understand that I also have the right to breath in fresh, clean air. So before you go out of your house and mingle with other people, please take  ashower or at least wear some cologne to mask your stench.

This is a very touchy topic indeed and a common reality indeed so I just want to speak out my thoughts on this matter.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Move Me

As the day of our move fast approaches, all I could think of is the headache of moving. Well it`s actually my mom who should do all the worrying with our move and House Conveyancing but I just can`t help but feel that I have some share of the responsibility.

The date of our move isn`t a great one too. We will be moving in the middle of winter so I`m already imagining knee deep snow and freezing temperatures. it`s not a pretty sight so you could really imagine why I`m stressed out. I`m not really happy with the thought of having to carry all our heavy furniture so I`m glad that I know of a way to save me from my moving dilemmas.

To lessen the anxiety of moving, I`m actually checking out the website Move Me. It has absolutely everything that you need to know about moving. Knowing what you actually need to do on the day of your move makes everything look so simple. There are tips and information on how to go about transferring your utilities, changing your mailing address, home insurance, and even Property Conveyancing.

Move Me even provides you free quotes and links you to several companies (like a removal company or utilities for example) that will give you the best deal. Imagine, Move Me actually creates a move planner for you. Everything that you need to do is all laid out on a calendar so you don`t have to stress yourself out worrying on what you should do or what you forgot to do. And the best part of it all is that Move Me doesn`t charge you a single cent.

We've actually gotten hold of  a Conveyancing Solicitor so all the paper works and  legal aspects of transferring our old property to another owner. So far so good, everything is turning out great! So wish me luck on my move!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1 Year and 6 Months

In all honesty, it doesn't feel like 1 year and 6 months has come to pass since I first set foot in Canada. I can still remember vividly the last days that I spent with my friends and family in the Philippines, the goodbyes, and of course the family friends who welcomed us to Edmonton. I can still remember the chilly weather and the smell of spring in the air. I can remember the dread I felt as I looked out the airplane window.

So many things have happened in my life, both good and bad. It used to be mostly bad. I was really depressed and was about to give up but I'm glad that my life has finally become better now. I am happier and I now have hope for the future.

Time really flew fast this time and I can't believe that it's almost time to enter a new chapter in my life, school.

I'm amazed how I was able to survive the past few months of mental torture but I guess taking things slowly and surviving each and every day is the way to go. Because if all I do is wait for the distant future, it would really make the waiting unbearable and I wouldn't be able to focus on what is important in the present.

On wards to the future!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lovey Dovey

Hello world!

I know, it's such a bad way to start a blog post but this just shows that my head isn't screwed right as of the moment. I am once again in my weird and stupid state. All my thoughts and sanity seems to be misplaced somewhere so I seem to be aloof and out of it. Well I only have anime to blame.

Yes these past few days I have been obsessing over anime that's all about the slice of life. Well to be honest, they are more about the daily romance of high school couples. I've been enjoying Bokura ga Ita and Lovely Complex.

I don't know why but right now I feel like a high school teenager desperately looking for love. Just watching these anime makes me kind of jealous of their happiness and it makes me kind of think of how wonderful it would be to have someone who you love more than anyone else and that someone shares the feeling of love mutually. I know that these kind of things only happens in the movies and they are totally fictitious but it doesn't hurt to be hopeful.

But real life isn't as beautiful or colorful as you may think. I had my own share of experience with love and I have to say that I totally suck at it. I could never say that I've never loved someone truly nor did anyone love me back. It was either I was being used or I was the one using someone. Either way, wishful thinking plays a major role in finding happiness in the charade called a relationship.

In my past relationships, there are so many things I regret but there are also things that I am thankful for. In the end, it's either I hurt someone or I get hurt. But love is a hit or miss kind of thing. You just have to try and try and find that someone that would really make you happy.

I wonder what the future holds for me?
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