Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Job: Computer Specialist at Best Buy

Ok, I actually said HERE that I'm not quitting Tim Hortons but I really can't help it if I'm so darn unhappy. It's possibly the second worst job ever. It's second because working at Quiznos was my worst job experience.

Best Buy called me up saying that they wanted to hire me and just bring a void cheque and all. I did go to Best Buy (waited an hour thinking I didn't get the job because I was late for 15 minutes) and surprise surprise! $11.75/hour as a computer specialist. So basically I just turn on/off the computers, check the prices, help customers decide which computer to buy. There is absolutely no commision for our sales so I don't have to force people to buy the most expensive computers and stuff.

I actually like the atmosphere at Best Buy. The location is perfect, just one bus ride, and the location only serves a small community so it isn't busy at all. I start work tomorrow so I'm so excited. Although I love computers I cannot say that I'm a "specialist" lol so let's just see how they like me.

I actually didn't quit at Tim Hortons yet because I wanted to play it safe. I still have work at Tim Hortons next week too so I don't know how things will turn out... I didn't give a 2 week notice or even a week notice... I'm so bad. I actually asked for a week vacation the week after next week, so that I could think about whether I'll quit or work part-time at Timmy's. I only was given part-time but they said that some even work full-time hours so it's no biggy. I'll just make sure I work 5 days a week.

Wish me luck!

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