Saturday, March 3, 2007

Just Do It

This week has been very tiring! But at least I was able to get it with my sanity intact and hopefully, with passing grades too.

I just realized that I only get to fall asleep every night or fail to accomplish anything earlier because I always have the "Mamaya-na-Attitude" or the "I'll-do-this-Later" attitude. It was quite fun to learn this valuable lesson when I had to finish my Family Care Plan. I was really concentrated and motivated to finish the said work that I was able to finish it with out even getting tired or sleepy. I wasn't able to get any sleep but the feeling that I accomplished something out of my hard work was better than caffeine and adrenaline.

I'm hopeful that I can still keep this learning in mind for years to come.

But now, I'm feeling the effect of getting no sleep. It's still 8:30 pm but I'm really so drowsy... tsk tsk... time to sleep!

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