Saturday, March 24, 2007

Relationships as Said by Oprah

I was really happy that someone actually read my blog! And I simply love it when people comment too! Hehehe... Thank you to Novartis.

Ok, here is my original post if anyone wants to read it go ahead... please do I beg you, joke.

And this is the comment of Novartis which I really liked:

"This is what Oprah said :

You need time to heal between relationships. There is nothing cute about baggage. Deal with your issues before pursuing a new relationship. You should never look for someone to complete you. A relationship consists of two whole individuals. Look for someone complimentary. Not supplementary. Dating is fun. Even if she doesn't turn out to be Mrs. Right."

Oprah is so smart and I love her hehehe... So never look for anyone to fill up the hollowness that you feel because that isn't going to happen if you don't help yourself first by healing your wounds by yourself. The only person that would be interested in you if you are sad and broken are broken people and both of you will be in a one way road to a failed relationship. Happy people tend to go with other happy people. Learn to love yourself first if you want to be loved. These are only some of the few things that I have learned in relationships... him... I have a lot of things that I want to say too but it's not really related to this topic.

Until next time.

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