Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scarred for Life

I am horrified by the way people could be so cruel and heartless. I am disturbed by how people can treat other people like shit and don’t feel any remorse about it. I ask you, what kind of person would make someone feel so bad when that person doesn’t even know you or haven’t even done anything to deserve such treatment?

On this night, Thursday of March 29, 2007, I was viciously harassed by a certain someone and I am bewildered because I constantly wonder what motivated such person to spend so much effort and time to put me down. I want to say that I am strong and that I am not affected by such acts but what can I do? I am only a human being who has these emotions and it is because of these emotions that I am able to hurt so much.

I ask why? What have I done to deserve this? What?! I was even so polite to this person and all I received were foul words. I ask myself why? What reason could this person possibly have for wanting to hurt me so badly? Why?

The pain that I feel could never be compensated for anything and that this event has scarred my being. I will forever be reminded of this pain that I feel because I would always be reminded of this night when I was harassed and I couldn’t even find the reasons why.

I feel like being hit by a truck… but maybe even worst for I am able to live on with my life carrying such incident. Why? What did I do to be hurt this way? I didn’t even say anything that could prompt such hatred.

I just wonder how many people like this are out there. I’m scared… how can I be ever be strong enough to face them? Should I be like them who would in turn hurt other people so that I could feel good about myself? But if I did that, what would differentiate me from them right?

I’m really depressed right now… I can’t stop thinking why… why… why…

People please don’t be like this. Be sensitive of other people’s feelings because they do have feelings and it really hurts so much if you say awful words to them. They may act like it doesn’t matter but they really are dying on the inside.

Please no more hating… let’s make the world better than this.

I'm sure that these wounds will heal but... one can never forget such an aweful event.

Also, please be responsible texters. Don't hide behind the secrecy and don't think ever think that it is fun to hurt other people. Please... that is plainly wrong and sick!

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