Saturday, September 10, 2005

An update of my life... from where I left of...

I don't really get to post these days. Nursing is so demanding. it takes your time, money, and strength! I'm already so stressed out that I don't think straight anymore. Well Nursing is ok at times, especially when I get high grades wahaha... I won't post my grades na... People might say I'm a bit showy but I love my midterm grades! I just don't know how my final grades would look like, I wish that somehow they would still look the same! I'm having a hard time consolidating my posts between my blog and the blog. I'll try to post on both every time i'm online. nothing really special is happening in my life... just study, sleep, eat, and test. With a dash of projects i haven't done yet! I feel that i'm only a step away from losing my self! I'm becoming crazier by the moment. I'll end my very late post here. I have to finish my IMP work that my group mates are not helping me in!
Here's the story... I still have my essays to knit together and proof read, damn groupmates! Grr! They always let me do all the work! I should resign as team leader and let them do the thinking and planning and I won't cooperate so that they could feel the difficulty I'm going through. As in if they really wanted to be journalists then they should have the passion for it. They should have the initiative to write articles about the output they got from their interviews and area works! And if I tell them to do something it turns out mediocre! Where is MAGIS!!! GRRRR! Imagine, they write an article or whatever and then they give it to me in a draft paper?! Hello! Do you expect me to encode your work for you! It would be Ok if I didn't have other articles to edit! I plan of telling them my problem but I don't think that they can handle my wrath!!!! (Horns growing out of head by now)... I could resign but I fear that our work will be shit. Sorry, I do hope my group mates don't get to read this... But not all my group mates are lazy and undependable. It so happens that we don't get to see each other during ordinary school days.

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