Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Nerds as defined by Fr. Xrysz (I'm one of them!)

xrysz, sj: "Richie Fernando Class is "sui generis." One can understand them only from within. They will remain incomprehensible in the eyes of an outsider... They have their own place in history... they shall shape destiny... I am privileged to have some sporadic glimpses to the stirrings in their souls... the groaning of their desires... shedding of their tears... the whimpering of their fears... I am so blessed experiencing their unpretentious doubt, anger, cruelty... things that they show only to those whom they allow to be part of their "orbit existentialle." If "nerds" means "hopelessly studious, intellectual, speculative, page-eating individuals," these people do not deserve the title.... but if by "nerds" we refer to "people who experience life to the fullest, and learn to love their humanity with its pains and joys, failures and triumphs, folly and wisdom... and in the end choose that which is true, good and beautiful," then ~dara, rap, sweet, maxine, mikh, edgar, nerissa, bernie, kirbz, jo_blanc, mirandz, charm, cars, xtine, jboy, jowee, kc, dale, migz, nice, chikay, michael, edz, xta, deeka, neil, kaye, dj, eloise, mike, mark, karen, jiggy, demi, chee, popo, andre, sherrz, jux, blah, rosie, donnskie, 88, mampi, chloe, beaver, charles, richie~ad maiorem natus sum!"

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