Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Silent Intramurals

Sadly the XU Intramural Days of SY 2005-2006 was not that thrilling at all, well at least in my point of view. Maybe it was because of my great expectation of this special event that may have led me to think that the intramurals of this school year was bland. Sure there were these occasional shouts and screams when someone scored a goal but I really did not feel the spirit of teamwork, competitiveness, and perseverance. I could only feel the aura of boredom looming around the campus. It even shocked me to have experienced serenity and peace in the once overpopulated and earsplitting hang-outs of the campus.

Maybe the intramurals wasn’t boring after all. Perhaps the students already had fun staying at their homes pleasuring themselves from the break from classes. And for the few students who cheered, maybe it was already enough for them to soak in the scorching rays of the sun, cheering for the mud-covered players giving their all to win. Another very good reason why the intramurals wouldn’t be boring may be because I only saw the boring part of the intramurals. I’m sure that the Cheer Dance Competition at the end of the Intramural Days would be more exciting. Over all, the intramurals was not bad at all, it just needed some zest and more participation on the students' part.

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