Sunday, March 13, 2005

Enlightenment & Finding One’s Self

Enlightenment & Finding One’s Self
The Buddhists believe that they can achieve enlightenment through meditation meanwhile the Taoists believe that enlightenment can be achieved by following “the way”. We Christians believe that we can achieve it by following God and loving Him freely with all our heart.
Right now, being an adolescent who is facing constant changes, I am really confused. I am faced with many troubling questions. What is there in tomorrow? What do we live for? Why continue to suffer when you can end it all? Why do we hope and dream of a better future? Is there really a place called paradise?
We all are faced with many problems and pains. All these are ephemeral and soon will be gone. But don’t you sometimes feel like being empty at times, even if you don’t have worries? You then ask similar questions that I also asked. What is our purpose? What is our calling? What is God’s plan in this web that we call “Life?”
I believe that to be really enlightened of our mission, we must first discover our selves. Let us not hate our selves for the things that we can’t do but instead praise our actions that are admirable.
Let us get rid of our Masks of Deception and stop lying to everyone and stop fooling ourselves of being someone we really are not.
I admit that I can’t help others to find their selves and to discover their selves but I have found and accepted who I am.
I am who I am… I shall not bow down to anyone… When faced with problems, I will not hide and run away… with the Sword of Truth, I will fight for what is right!

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