Sunday, March 13, 2005

Why Should I Blog?

Why Should I Blog?
I am again faced with this particular question today… Why should I blog? Why should I place all my thoughts, experiences, opinions, advertisements, and simply anything on the net? Well, one reason that comes into mind is that it’s like an online diary or journal that I want everyone to see, with the reasons to let them know that I exist and I am proud to be me! We should really love ourselves you know! Don’t you agree? We should accept who we are, all our short-comings and the things we excel at. But we should not be too obsessed with ourselves. Remember that each one of us is created uniquely.
I want my people (the people I know and knows me with a mutual care that is present) to know what’s happening to my life and I want to express my self. Do you know how it feels to keep all your emotions, happiness, sadness, pain, fears, and etc, locked-up in yourself? You would really have a bad case of emotional fatigue.
As I said in my first blog, “This blog is all about me.” If it interests you then feel free to read, but if it bores you there is only one solution: stop reading then.
You can copy anything here and re-post it or anything but please do ask my permission. You know intellectual rights. I’ll probably agree anyway. J Just e-mail me at Well, guess that’s all.

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